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RUSH By DENIS & CHARLES is a wholesale jewelry brand based in New York City with an unwavering commitment to superior craftsmanship, fashion-forward style and value.

Born from a desire to create beautiful, luxurious and classic jewelry pieces at affordable price points, each RUSH jewelry piece is inspired by the unique perspectives of co-designers Denis Mathews and Charles (a.k.a. Charlie) Wong.

Denis cut his teeth at Tommy Hilfiger where he designed the label’s first sterling silver jewelry line for men. He brings his Celtic heritage into the designs, subtly infusing them with more contemporary, clean lines and trending colors.

Charlie, of Malaysian descent, is a fashion runway devotee who adds fun, edginess and an “fresh-off-the-runway” couture look to his jewelry pieces, reflective of his outgoing, high-energy personality.

Their wholesale fashion jewelry line blends classic and trendy styles, often featuring mixed media (glass, metal, resin, etc.) in bold, statement-making colors. The signature RUSH jewelry piece is made with the intricate crochet technique which allows for better control over the movement of the beads, creating jewelry that sensually contours the neck or wrist.

RUSH By DENIS & CHARLES is quickly expanding its wholesale reach. Our designs are currently stocked in select boutiques and department stores worldwide, including Calypso St. Barth (U.S.), Kitson LA (U.S.), Printemps (France), Bongénie (Switzerland), and Stroili (Italy) to name only a few.